4 key steps to help build the personal brand you want

Branding is normally associated with a company rather than a person however, you should always be trying to build your own personal brand. This branding will be useful in conveying the type of person you are to everyone that you meet.  You may well already have a brand that you have either created yourself or one that has been created for you by others.

  1. Do your research

The best way to find out what your current brand is to ask the people around. Ask family, friends, colleagues and your boss. They will be able to tell you what they think your current brand is. This may be quite a difficult thing to hear as this is their perception of you rather than something that you have consciously tried to portray yourself.

Take note of everything that is said and ask for examples so that you can put things into context. From this point, it is good to reflect on how you are currently perceived and what parts of it you would like to change.

2. To Do list 

Create next steps that will actively make a difference. For instance, you may receive feedback that you are unorganised. This may be because you are always running late for work, meetings or family occasions. By making sure that you arrive 10 mins early might be the difference between being seen as unprepared and unorganised to being branded as reliable and punctual. This 10 minutes is the difference of having and positive and negative brand.

Maybe the way you dress means that you are perceived as sloppy and careless by others. Whereas, if you spent time putting together something classically smart and you ensure you have a shave or cut your nails your branding will change to being smart with an attention to detail.

3. Be consistent

Make sure that everything that you do reflects this one brand, this includes online and in person. Do not send out one brand at work and another at after-work drinks. This can be extremely difficult to sustain when the brand you have created is not authentic. If you use a polite tone at work and then swear like a sailor at the 5 ‘0’clock drinks you will not be deemed authentic which in turn makes your brand false.

Think about business leaders that you look up to and check out their social media platforms. I guarantee that they only post things that fit in with their personal marketing plan. What does your profile picture say about you? What does your bio say? What do you post? Are they a reflection of your brand?

4. Get feedback

Give yourself time to learn from mistakes and when you feel that you have made a significant improvement ask for more feedback. Ask different people what they think you stand for and what they would consider keywords to describe you.

If you get the same answers as before you still have some work to do so back to step 2 for you! However, if the feedback is positive then well done, you are making the right changes and should continue to build the brand that you have always wanted.