Listen to our client’s needs, becoming more than a supplier, an extension of their HR department, and deliver high-performance candidates, suitable for the position, fulfilling all the criteria of the role and the company culture, in order to establish a long-term relationship between our candidate and our client.

Our purpose is to benefit both our clients and our candidates.

          Engage Talent



In Pluris we are lead by our principals and culture,  working with integrity and quality in all our projects. Performing a bespoken process for each role, ensuring honesty and transparency through each step. Delivering tailored recruitment solutions in benefit of both, our clients and candidates.


At Pluris we are aware of how difficult it is to find the right recruitment consultancy; looking to recruit new staff or finding a new position is never an easy process. That is why we work to the highest possible standard to find a solution to your recruitment needs.

We give the time and attention to each project, achieving and challenging expectations.

We look beneath the surface and give a bespoke service, understanding what our clients are looking for, and providing high-performance people, with relevant experience, who will match skills and personality to the role requirements and the office culture.

We support our candidates, advising them and placing them into to the right positions.

We are experts and passionate about what we do, with 12 years of experience, guide through our principles, reflecting that in our culture and performance.

If you want to move your business forward or if you are looking for the next step in your career contact us!