Consultative Recruitment Partners Lead The Way

The traditional recruiter model is no longer what works best and a more consultative approach is now the focus, with a true partnership developing between consultants and hiring managers to deliver better outcomes all round.

One of the things on many talent acquisition leaders’ priority lists — and they are long lists — are a collection of goals to help their recruiters become more strategic and consultative. These aren’t lofty ‘seat at the table’ wishes, they are driven by real needs for their teams, who are often working too many open roles, doing too much administrative or systems work, to get in the driver’s seat and lead their hiring managers more.

Where are these needs coming from? So many organisations are transforming themselves, which means their target candidate profiles are changing, new hiring managers are being hired, and they’re finding that what worked in 2007 isn’t working in 2012. The business wants — actually, demands — that recruiting step up and lead.

So what does it look like to lead in recruitment as a hands-on recruiter? The good news is it’s not rocket science. The bad news? It’s not easy and doesn’t happen by accident. Recruiters often need to look at their roles through a new lens and be given the time to lead. We haven’t found many recruiters, outside of those with small requisition loads and who focus just on executive recruitment, for example, who have time to do each of these six things (right) for every hiring manager and every open role. They often prioritise and begin by adding more value to their most critical roles first.

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