Deck The Halls

Have you been naughty or nice this year? Got your stocking hanging up by the fireplace ready for Santa to fill? Mince pies in the oven and mulled wine mulling?  Not everyone loves the season but I, for one, am a bit of a Christmas fanatic!  It’s a time for putting the past year behind me and look, positively, to the future.

Each December we have a tradition of traipsing up  to the local woods, warm coats and wellies on, to the temporary Christmas tree lot and choose our favourite – no easy feat!  Sometimes the decision is quick and painless, at other times we can be there picking out every tree in sight before we’re satisfied.  Once the ‘perfect’ tree is trussed up and in the back of the car it’s time to head home and dig out all the lovely sparkly lights and shiny baubles, the metres and metres of tinsel and indulge in old Christmas films like  “It’s a Wonderful Life”, “Holiday Inn” and “White Christmas”!   Of course, it wouldn’t be the same without beautifully wrapped gifts under it so there’s also the present buying to think about.  More and more of us are doing it online, me included; so much so that I’m on first name terms with my Postie, Neil.  The enticing windows of Selfridges and Harrods, Carnaby Street lights and Oxford Street glitz are a draw too, though.   Like magpies we’re attracted to sparkly things.

Gift buying is something I adore doing – much easier than coming up with ideas for myself to share with the family.   A cosy jumper, a new pair of PJs and some choccies and you’ve got one happy little elf. Something that did get my attention, however, was the Crosley turntable – a chance to dig out my fab collection of 80s records, yes actual vinyl, hidden away from view since the advent of the CD.  The husband was quite horrified when I brought it to his attention.   Not that he doesn’t like the idea of a record player, just my Nick Kershaw and Duran Duran albums that might well get an airing!!  THE present for the younger generation, this year, seems to be drones.  I have  a feeling that ‘our field’ – where we take the hound for his  walk – may well turn into a no-go area until the novelty of drone flying is over; hopefully by Boxing Day (bah-humbug, I know).  Thinking back, with a touch of nostalgia, I remember getting so excited when I got my first interactive ‘computer’ game – SIMON.  I loved it!  It was played with often and clearly it was a much cherished pressie as it’s the first one that comes to mind from my dim and distant youth. I even tried getting it on e-Bay recently but to no avail.  It’s still in existence but newer versions have been made (but it’s just not the same).  There is another type of shopping which gets the immediate attention of the men in the family – food shopping.  Now, this is something that I leave to the other half with pleasure. He simply enjoys choosing every morsel of our Christmas lunch – the turkey (goes without saying), the type of stuffing wer’e going to have, how the sprouts are to be done, Granny’s home-made Christmas pudding, melt-in-your-mouth cheeses and the much-loved Quality Street.  I’ve had to hide the tin as I’ve noticed the filmy wrappers lying around the house, indicating he may have already been indulging!

And the thing that would make the whole day absolutely spot-on – SNOW!  Not this year I fear, however.  Rain and wind and a very muddy dog walk are in the offing.

Well, it’s time I was off wrapping the gifts I’ve hidden all over the house.  Each year I think I’m going to be organised and do it at least a couple of weeks before (just in case I can’t find one) but inevitably it’s left until just a few days before the big day itself.

Whatever your Christmas plans are, whatever your thoughts on the season, we hope you have a lovely time and look forward to chatting to you again in 2015!


Joyeux Noel

 Santa & His Reindeer

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