Perfecting your LinkedIn profile

How LinkedIn can help you land your dream job.

Our top tips to getting your LinkedIn profile noticed and how that can help you get the job of your dreams!

Make sure it’s up to date – Let’s not forget that this is essentially your CV that is floating around cyber space for all the world to see. Make sure that it is the most up to date version for a potential employer to see. Ensure that your company and job title are current and that your employment history is accurate. Nothing will put someone off you more than if you have lied on your profile.

Make it easy to look at – Your profile is very important and will tell someone a lot about your personal brand. Make sure it is professional. You can put your best duck face selfies on to your Instagram account and your Saturday nights out on your Facebook. LinkedIn is your business platform. Keep it simple, preferably just shoulders up, smile and please no pets!

Be Global – Always accept a connection. Nothing bad has ever come from networking. Some connections may not be of interest to you, however, it might be them that needs help from you. LinkedIn is a two way street and the more global you are the more successful you will be. Reply to messages and help if you can as you never know when it may be you that needs help?

Make it memorable – Your bio needs to say enough about you for me to buy into you but not too much so I switch off. This could be your “elevator speech” to your new boss. It is also your opportunity to sell yourself. If you want someone to contact you include your contact details, if you want them to look at your website or cv add the link.

“LinkedIn changed its search algorithm, so take time to fill out the description areas. Don’t just list your job title, which is how people used to be able to find you,” says von Rosen, cofounder of digital sales company VengresoYou get 1000 characters under each job description. Make sure you add things that will have the most impact again without sending an employer asleep.

Be Active – There is no point setting up your account and hoping that someone will find you. Like any social media account you need to be active to get noticed. You will need to like and share relevant media. Connect with people that are in the industries that you want to move into. Post articles and impart your knowledge or experiences. This will show the world that you have up to date knowledge of your market and can also show your connections what type of leader you are.

Your LinkedIn account will be as successful as you make it.

This post is adapted from the Forbes eBook, The Millennial Game Plan: Career And Money Secrets To Succeed In Today’s World, by Laura Shin.


Suzanne ButtonWritten by Suzanne Button 

Oct 17, 2018