Spring Into a Mind Map

Spring-cleaning is often more related to house and garden than jobs and CVs but it’s something that many people consider doing every year.   Updating your CV regularly keeps recent projects and achievements at the fore so well worth doing.  However, not all of us are that organised and things can get a little muddled when it comes to ‘career maintenance’.

One way to help get your thoughts and plans in order is to do a Mind Map.  This can be done over a cup of coffee or watching TV in the evening.   I was introduced to this a few years ago and can tell you that it’s an invaluable tool when working out the links between what you want in terms of your career and lifestyle.

Think of it as a spider’s web.  You’re in the middle and all the paths leading from the centre are the various factors that need to be considered in order for you to make the best choices – salary, location, schools, family, personal goals, health, well being, social life, etc.

Images are often easier to remember than endless lists so a colourful mind map is ideal.  You can highlight the most important issues to help clarify which path would suit you best.  It’s not something that can be done quickly, nor should it.  Add to it every time a new dilemma presents itself and see where the path leads you.

Once you get the hang of mind maps you’ll never go back.  Use them all the time and see how clearly your thoughts and decisions become clearer.

The next time you’re in a business meeting try this method to help you remember all the different tasks that are required of you and the business.  Doodles and drawings are far more effective problem solvers and memory aids than note-taking or the, previously mentioned, dreaded lists.

This example shows the paths towards preparing for a job interview.

Mind Map to Interview



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