Spring Has Sprung

Traditionally, Spring is the time of year when everything comes to life after hibernating all Winter.  Plants, flowers, the animal kingdom and even we humans start coming to life at the merest sign of warm sunshine.  We generally have a spring clean and not just around the house and garden!  A re-evaluation of our lives takes place, gym memberships increase, holidays are booked and CVs are prepped and updated in the hope that that ‘dream job’ is out there. Very often it is but if you’ve been struggling to find it you may want to think about changing your job hunting techniques.

For those of us who love our social media for chatting with friends and family and sharing photos it may never have occurred to us to use Twitter for job hunting.

Consider setting up a Twitter account specifically for your job search efforts; keep it separate to your personal account.  Follow companies that you would be interested in working with. For example if you’re looking for a role in Luxury Retail you may want to consider following Vogue, or Tiffany.   For those in the B2b market it would be worth following Gartner, Mazuma, Sony, Samsung, etc.

Post relevant and interesting news articles that you’ve seen, comment on them, ReTweet posts by those you are following and Reply to questions or surveys.   Engaging directly with businesses will get you noticed, especially if you are insightful and knowledgeable about the market.  It will also show prospective employers that you are not only aware of the social media phenomenon but are actively connecting with business leaders on their level. This in itself shows resourcefulness and a certain amount of bravery.

Don’t be afraid to ask companies to follow you, after all that’s what Twitter is all about and it will measure how interested companies are in what you’ve got to say. You may want to, at some stage, Direct Message your latest CV to your ‘ideal employer’ because you just never know (leave out personal details at this stage – you are online after all)

Good luck!

Recruitment Consultancy