The Buzz around BIM


You may hear the term BIM being discussed within the construction industry; it’s the latest hot topic and for a very good reason.  This is not a new technology, having been around for many years, it is now at the forefront of the industry.  So, BIM, or Building Information Management;  What does it mean and how can it help our industry?

BIM in simple terms is a collaborative software tool that enables people to input a variety of data to generate a series of processes, that helps create a perfect digital description of every stage of the construction project and produces a 3D digital model of the finished building.

With the way the world is headed, I feel the use of BIM is only going to benefit the industry.  The software enables the whole project team to work more effectively and collaboratively together whilst increasing communication between Designers, Architects,  Contractors, Sub Contactors and the client.  Building in this way helps to eliminate risks and allow the team to first build a digitally engineered model prior to handing over all the correct information to the construction teams before they carry out the real-life project.

In a recent article written by Thomas Goubau Co-Founder/CEO, APROPLAN. A report from McKinsey & Company, carried out found one study and 75% of companies that have adopted BIM reported positive returns on their investment with shorter project life cycles and savings on paperwork and material costs. Because of these benefits, various governments like Britain, Finland, and Singapore, mandate the use of BIM for public infrastructure projects (Agarwal, 2016).

BIM can only be a positive thing for the ever-evolving Construction industry; it should reduce the amount wasted materials, increase labour productivity and provide a higher quality engineered built solution.  This coupled with the data collected throughout will also enable project teams to educate the clients on the benefits of the products used and how they can be maintained, adding real value and also enhancing the customer service experience throughout the process for clients.


Written by Ryan Binnee

16 Nov 2018

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