Thoroughly Modern Gilly

I like to think of myself as fairly ‘modern’ when it comes to the latest technological thingamajigs, well, sort of.  I have an android phone, Windows8 and know my way around my Sky+ box effectively enough so that I don’t miss out on any favourite programmes – yes, including Downton Abbey!  However, the other day I read an article about iPhones in classrooms; teachers actually allowing pupils (or are they referred to as students these days?)  to have their iPhones on their desks and in use!  Long gone are the days when even talking to your neighbour was enough for a punishment exercise, never mind having a gadget with you to distract you from lessons.

But it’s not just children who are addicts.  Adults too cannot seem to live without the most up-to-date Tablet or iPhone.  I liken it to a nicotine fix.  Replace the packet of cigarettes for the phone and a huge sigh can be heard and a smile appears when a Facebook post has been liked or a Twitter tweet re-tweeted!   We can’t turn back the clock and take it all away.  Pandora’s Box has been opened and there’s a lot more to come out.

Of course, trying to explain to the younger generation, 20-somethings who have been brought up with it all, that in the dark ages when we wanted to ‘download’ music it would be onto a cassette directly from the radio on a Sunday night, they look at me as if I came from a galaxy far, far away.  Records are a thing of the past and CDs are going the same way.  Want to know what that song is playing on the radio because you can’t quite remember the artist?  Just stick your phone next to it and it will tell you – amazing!

Samsung, Apple, Sony, et al all vie for our shiny pennies by bringing out new toys every few months for us to drool over.  Google have created the very sci-fi Google Glass, Samsung announced today that they will be launching their own version, Gear Glass, in September!  Sony have the MP3 player (what was wrong with Walkman?), Apple introduce the iPod. Sony has the Xperia Z10, Samsung have Galaxy S5 – and so it goes on.

The bond between owner and gadget is a strong one.  Just read the LinkedIn article about the aforementioned teacher, Tracie Schroeder, whose classroom was disrupted by a SnapChat update! And, as much I long for the days when life was simpler, quieter, less rushed, we do need the advances in technology that are being made.  Businesses are more efficient, more productive and arguably life is better because of the wonderful, futuristic, diagnostic technology that’s around.  Watch out for the development of the ‘Trirecorder’ – Star Trek’s Bones’ hand-held scanner.  Not forgetting all those lovely things we just can’t do without – dishwashers, Sky+ boxes, online shopping, e-reading, Wikipedia-ing (when was the last time you saw an encyclopaedia in book form?).

The world is changing fast whether we like it or not.  Note to self – get new phone, the current one, at 3 years old, is now obsolete.

Beam me up Scotty!

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