To Sabbatical or Not Sabbatical

More and more often we’re seeing CVs that have gaps between employment with the word ‘Sabbatical’ next to the dates.   The Sabbatical debate is raging – is this a good thing to have on your CV or just another way to say ‘unemployed’?

A sabbatical in the strictest of terms means ‘ceasing’ – a rest or break from work which can last any time between 2 months to a year.  The purpose of a sabbatical is to learn new experiences, achieve new things and to get away from the day-to-day routine of work.

Currently 20% of UK companies have a sabbatical policy, allowing employees to go travelling or take a college/university course for example, enabling employees to come back into the business afresh with a new lease of life and to provide a different outlook on things.

However, if you’re considering a Sabbatical try not to be too structured with your plans otherwise it turns into a job in itself.  Explore and wander and you might just discover that an appreciation of life will emerge.  Some people use the time to connect with family members far and wide, some use it to travel and learn about other cultures.

Use your sabbatical wisely – do some volunteer work, write a blog, learn a new language, do something awesome!  Quite often on your return home you’ll feel invigorated and ready to take on new challenges, some you thought you’d never face!  Actually look forward to going to work – imagine that!

On the flip-side, if the thought of returning to work makes you shudder then it’s probably time for a change and your break has given you a clearer perspective on what’s important to you and your career plan.

Make sure that you highlight all of those exceptional talents by putting them on your CV.  Let future employers know what you’ve been up to, what you’re capable of and what an exceptional addition you’d make to their team.


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